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Waterproof Gloves with Led Light
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Waterproof Gloves with Led Light

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Dear mechanics, fishers, campers, and the likes! Don't fumble around in the dark any longer!

Now you don't have to hold a flashlight in one hand or try to set it just right to be able to see what you're doing. With the Tactical LED Flashlight Gloves, you have a hands-free and convenient flashlight. Compact and light, the LED flashlight glove is handy for biking, camping, fishing or any other activities done at night in dim light. 

This fingerless glove includes a LED flashlight on both the thumb and the index finger. You can freely use your hand in the dark without having to carry another flashlight with you! It is also waterproof, so you can use it during rainy days.

This is an essential tool for both Outdoor and Indoor Activities. Working on the Car, Motorcycle, Around the Home or Cabin, Camping, Hiking, Fishing - YOU NAME IT. The Tactical LED Flashlight Gloves is super easy to use and fit on with a velcro. Simply hit the button On and Off for quick action. 

Unique Features:

  • ANTI-SLIP – Non-Slip palm single finger casting glove.
  • Portable and durable, easy to carry and lightweight.
  • Great tool when you are fishing or repairing in dark places.
  • Portable flashlight – Say goodbye to torch lights.
  • Waterproof with two led flashlights: great for handiwork at night.
  • Need one CR 2016 watch battery (cheap & can be bought at any grocery store).
  • Size: One size fits all.
  • Comfortable stretchy neoprene material, with adjustable strap.

Work Smarter Not Harder to Get The Job Done! Order the Tactical LED Flashlight Gloves now!


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