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Silicone Padded Forefoot Insoles High Heel Shoes Pad Gel
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Silicone Padded Forefoot Insoles High Heel Shoes Pad Gel

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Soft gel pads have plenty of air holes for additional ventilation, which help reduce feet swelling, pain and discomfort during the working day.

  • Metatarsal cushions have an ergonomic design, do not slip, have no unpleasant odor, reduce pressure on the front foot and relieve pain when walking.
  • are a great help when one has Morton Neuroma, Metatarsal Pain, Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, Blisters, Calluses, Burning Sensations, Metatarsalgia and more.
  • Foot pads are made of Premium Quality, durable and very soft Eco-friendly Washable medical grade material and provide excellent cushioning and foot pain relief.
  • Ball of foot cushions fit all types of shoes and are securely fixed with a safe glue, do not stick to the skin and do not have an unpleasant smell!

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